Top Fan 2 Semi-Finals

Well, JTR followers, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is I absolutely suck as a blogger, if for no other reason than because I just don’t do it often enough for it to matter.

The good news is regardless of that, I have once again come within reach of a very significant career goal. I am, once again, in the finals for the ESPN Radio 1250 “Top Fan” contest. The winner will receive a six-month contract to work with ESPN Radio 1250, including opportunities to perform on the air as a sports-talk radio personality.

The finals for the contest will take place next Thursday afternoon, from 4 to 6 at the Meadows Race Track near Washington, Pa. For those who would like to come out and support me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I competed in this event last year, where I was the first runner-up to Chris Mueller. Chris performed admirably as Pittsburgh’s first ever “Top Fan”, and set the bar high for myself and the three others who are trying to follow him.

I took the time over the last few days to try and figure out what I did wrong in last year’s competition that may have been the difference between winning and finishing second. I concluded that the one thing I did wrong was I didn’t behave as though I wanted to win. I was just happy being in the finals of the contest, meeting Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and sports media legend Beano Cook, and being on the air with the Junker and Crow show.

This time around, satisfaction does not come as easy. I have one goal: win.

As the semi-final round completed tonight, I realized that I received even more support than I did last year, when, as host Chris Mack described, I came, “this close” to winning the event. The support is a beautiful thing. The fact that I got such high marks from the judges is amazing.

But it will be for naught if I don’t finish what I started.

It was a long year from last year’s competition up until now. I had to re-examine a lot of things in my life, including what I really wanted as far as opportunity. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I do want an opportunity like this, not only to be on the air, but to be able to take what talents I have been blessed with, and share them with others.

I honestly believe this is the opportunity for me to help bring a new era of sports-talk radio to Pittsburgh. I believe this town has become one of the best sports cities, and it’s time that a City of Champions has champion-caliber media to feed it with knowledge and entertainment.

That’s where I come in.

My love of sports is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth of my ambitions, and with this opportunity I hope to plunge deep underneath the surface in order to find the true depth of my career in sports media.

A year ago, I considered this opportunity the end-all, the end of a road I had been traveling to get to the next level, but now things are different.

Winning this contest is no longer the end for me. It is merely the beginning.


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