Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…

So I’m sure if you read this blog often… wait, scratch that. Nobody reads this often, not even me.

OK, so if you’ve read this blog on more than one occasion, you’ve probably read my half-hearted assertions and broken commitments to start blogging more and being more dilligent about it. And so far I’ve managed to renege on each one like a freshman at the lunch table on any given day at Schenley High School (I guarantee only three or four people who read this will get that joke, but I digress).

Anyway, I have several theories as to why my efforts never worked out:

1) I work too freakin’ much. Depending on what time of the year of it is I have three (sometimes four) jobs, ranging from writing for and to working in production for Channel 4 Action Sports and High School Playbook, to part-time radio work for TribLive Radio and Champs Sports Network. (The sad and ironic part is, my total net worth may have actually gone down since undertaking so many ventures as a result, but I probably knew that going in.) By the time I’m done covering a game, producing a show, talking sports on-air or calling a game, I’m pretty much ready to go home and veg out in my recliner. Getting up the energy to do yet another activity that pays little or no money just seems silly, which is a horrible excuse, but it’s true.

2) Lack of organization. The truth is, I have days when something happens or I read a story and form opinions that should be shared immediately. Where I screw up is I usually unload that opinion on the first person that happens to call me on the phone or in a rare quiet moment at work. (My incessant need to talk Pirates usually goes unsatisfied in the WTAE-TV newsroom, but there are a few charitable souls willing to indulge me. God bless them.) Then, when it’s all said and done, I think to myself, Taylor, you idiot, you should’ve blogged that! By then, I’m either too busy or exhausted from running my mouth to do it.

 3. I’m just plain lazy sometimes. Now I know what you’re thinking: how can somebody who does so much during the course of his work week consider himself lazy? When you don’t have a consistently set schedule, you work most nights and weekends and hate waking up before noon (even on an off-day), there are plenty of opportunities to feel lethargic or lack motivation.

With those three factors in mind, I have decided to try to become more organized in my half-motivated efforts to become a more enthused and consistent blogger. I’ve come up with names for different segments, divided by subject matter:

NFL: Kick-Out Block

NCAA Football: Blown Coverage

MLB: Switch-Hit Utility

NHL: Just Puckin’ Around

NBA: (I haven’t quite come up with one, but I guess there’s no rush, huh?)

NCAA Basketball: Off The Dribble

General Rants: Maybe It’s Just Me…

I haven’t thought of any subtitles for other topics just yet, but if I think of them, then I’ll do it. Otherwise, if you’re looking for commentary on golf, soccer or NASCAR, well, too bad. Maybe you’ll get your wish in the future. In the meantime, we’ll see how things go.

So, once again, as we’ve said in past attempts, “Here Goes Nothing…”


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